8 December 2014
8 December 2014,
10 Characteristics of a great Web Designer
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So you have just completed your schooling career or maybe you are thinking about a change in your career. The web design industry is one of creativity, expression and satisfaction but it is also a stressful environment of deadlines. A great web designer depends on skill and character in order to do their jobs effectively. At Be Visible Pretoria we know that it takes more than skill to be a great web designer and in our web design department, we have the privilege of working with some of the best web designers in Pretoria.

Web Designers in Pretoria

A web designer usually works long hours in order to produce and maintain a client’s website. They are dedicated to customer satisfaction and nothing is better than seeing a final product that makes a customer happy and makes the web designer proud to call it their creation.

What are the 10 characteristics that make a great web designer?

  1. Great listening skills

All web designers who want to become great web designers must be great listeners first. This is by far one of the most important characteristics. A web designer must be able to listen to what you have to say and be able to interpret what you are trying to tell them. They also know what to ask you if they need more information. At Be Visible Pretoria our Pretoria web designers are great listeners and they are able to turn what you are telling them into a design.

  1. Respect for the client’s ideas

A great web designer wants to know what your ideas are. When you share your ideas they will treat your ideas with respect and they will try to find a way in which to use your ideas in the web design process. If they think that your idea won’t be able to fit into the web design process then they will let you know, in a respectful manner, that they don’t think it is possible.

  1. Communication

There are very few jobs out there where communication is not part of the characteristics you should have and by communication no one is expecting you to be a bubbly extrovert. Communication in this sense means the web designer is able to convert the complicated web terminology into something that is easily understandable in plain English.

  1. Know the web

Knowing their way around the internet and keeping up to date with latest web developments, all web designers need this trait.

  1. Technology

Just as a web designer knows their way around the internet, they should also keep up to date with new technologies and be able to know when and how to apply them to the design process. The web designers in Pretoria at Be Visible Pretoria keep up to date about the various technological developments and they know which technologies should be used.

  1. Business and design balance

While each website designed must be beautifully presented, a great web designer knows that a website is more than an artwork. A website must serve its purpose and work for the company. A great web designer is aware of this and they know that the website must be effective for the business.

  1. Save time and money

A great web designer thinks beyond the design. A great web designer wants you to have the final product fast and they want to save you money. Be Visible Pretoria always thinks of the client’s needs first and our web designers in Pretoria are committed to giving client’s a stunning, effective website at a good price.

  1. Artistic Talent

As it could be imagined, a great web designer has some artistic talent. It goes with the territory of the industry.

  1. Use existing designs

If you go to a web designer with created artwork, they should be able to incorporate that artwork into a web design if the design is usable.

  1. Web design process

In order to create effective designs that are produced within the time needed and that meet all of the requirements, a great web designer follows a tried and tested process that has been perfected over the years. The web designers in Pretoria, working for Be Visible Pretoria, have impeccable web design processes.