7 May 2014
7 May 2014,
10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website
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Do I really Need a Website?

1. Your Competition Has a Website.

         There is nothing better for a business than healthy competition. Should there be a range of companies

         that provide the same services as your company, then they most likely already have a website which

         gives them a bit of an advantage, but by creating a websites to show the customers why

         they should choose you, is one of the ideal ways of staying ahead of your competition, especially if it is

         properly marketed.

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2. Improve Your Customer Service.

          A website is one of the best ways to communicate directly with your clients.

         They instantly receive a visual image of what services you have available and in some instances clients

        can download catalogs immediately. Questions that some of your clients might have can instantly

        be answered with a Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section on your website. By providing

       quick answers and quick guides to your customers it ensures that you will have more satisfied

        customers. It is also a great way of collecting feedback from your customers and potential customers

        with the use of website surveys. Depending on the services that you provide you can place user guides

        or manuals on your website which will assist your clients immensely.

Internet Searching

3. People Will Look for You Online.

    With technology growing every day and the internet becoming one of the most sorted sources of

    information it is ideal for your company to grow with it. Sooner or later, a client is going to search for

    you or the services you provide on the internet. By finding your well designed and marketed website

    you might just gain a few new clients and if you don’t have a Website then these potential clients

    might just be lost to your competition who is on the internet.

Internet Marketing

4. Websites are Great Advertising.

     Whatever your services or products, a website is an excellent method of advertising. A website is one

     of the best marketing tools available as it can be used on your social media, on flyers, on your

     business cards and with advertising costing quite a lot, with no guarantee that your specific target

     market will be reached, your website marketing can be structured to reach your specific client. Your

     website can serve as your brochures.

24/7 Website

5. You’re Open 24/7.

    Your website will assist your company in being available 24/7. Which means your business is open

    24/7.   If your company is open 24/7 then that means so much more business for you.

    So many people surf the internet in the evenings looking for the products or services that they

    require. If your website it available then it is as good as your business that is open 27/4. By being

    available 24/7 you have an advantage over your competition. This way you also provide the best

     possible service to your clients and salvage new potential client

Statistics of online searches

6. Statistics of online searches

    According to surveys 217 million people use the internet on a regular basis.

    Google also estimates that 97% of people search for your business on the internet before doing

    business locally. Which means that if your business does not have a website, you are invisible to 97%

    of the market. Once your website is on the internet it does not matter if a client is next door to you or

    on the other side of the world, they can see your website when searching for your products or

    services at no extra cost to you or clients, whereas phoning and posting is an added cost you and the


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7. Passive Income Opportunities.

     If you have products for sale that can be delivered via postage then the best way for your website to

     generate an income is by creating an online store for you products which allows customers to place

     and order and pay it online. All this in done electronically which helps in eliminating human error. By

     using online store it can act as your company’s catalogue of products available.

Improved Communication with websites

8. Deliver Significant Information and Improve Communication.

    A great designed website can serve as a communication tool between you, your clients and your

    suppliers. The conventional methods of communication such as directories, yellow pages, printed

    information sheets, are all fading away slowly with most clients turning to the internet for information

    regarding services and products. Your carefully designed website can give your client the information

    they are looking for and in that way create a potential client for you.

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9.  Share Basic Business Information

     Internet is often used by clients to find quick easy answers to everyday questions such as: “What is

     your business hours?”  What is your phone number or email address? “These are just everyday

     enquiries and by having this information available on your website, potential clients can be in contact

     with your business.

Marketing your Business with your website - Be Visible Pretoria

10.  Affordable and Expandable Marketing.

      Once you have a carefully crafted website your marketing possibilities are endless.

      With marketing in newspapers and magazines becoming quite costly, a website can be marketed

      nationwide permanently at a much more comfortable cost to your business. One of the main

      advantages of a website is that it can be updated constantly which means that all the information is

      current whereas paper advertising can only be updated with the next issue or advertisement. With

      phone technology growing every day, your website can also be created to be viewed by all current

      phones available which makes your marketing platform so much bigger than a newspaper or

      magazine advertisement.