26 November 2014
26 November 2014,
20 Of The worlds Best traffic websites :Part 1 of 2
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20: Amazon . Com  163 Million visitors

Amazon is an online shopping website selling anything from electronics, apparel and even food!



19: Sina . com.cn 169 Million visitors

This is a chines media and user created content. Also offers a microblogging service Weibo.








18: Word press .com 170.9 Million visitors

Word press is a blogging platform and also a custom website platform with its simple to understand structure and friendliness of the design no wonder this is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the World.







17: Apple .com 171.7 Million Visitors

Online website for all apple products and services .








16: Sohu .com 175.8 Million visitors

This is a Chinese search engine and portal started in 1997 it was one of the first online search websites in the country.








15:Bing .com 184 Million visitors

One of the more popular search engines especially in the US.  Microsoft owns bing.








14: Twitter 189.8 Million Visitors

Social media platform that instantly connects you to your followers and people you follow. The lingo is a tweet. Tweet me, hash tag it.







13: Taobo .com 207 Million Visitors

And again it is a chines websites that sells jewelry, electronics and more. The website was launched in 2003









12:Ask .com 218.4 Million Visitors


The search engine is powered by google and was introduced in the 1990s.







11: Blogger .com 229.9 Million Visitors


Blogger is a Google owned blogging platform.







10 MSN .com 254.1 Million Visitors

MSN is a website about every thing news, Email, and the iconic MSM Messenger and it’s a portal aswell.







This is the top 10 to 20 list please look out for the top 10 you will be surprised who ranks Number 1.


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