3 December 2014
3 December 2014,
What is desktop publishing?
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At Be Visible Pretoria desktop publishing is one of our most sought after services. Desktop publishing is the name given to documents and designs created by using a computer. Software is used to create designs and page layouts that are elaborate and unique. The final product can be used for electronic distribution via email and on social media. It can be viewed on electronic devices such as computers or it can be used for printing and physical distribution.

What can you use desktop publishing for? The opportunities and uses are almost endless. From brochures, company logos and company business cards to billboard signage and letterheads, these are just some of the uses that desktop publishing has to offer for businesses. But desktop publishing is not used just for business needs, even the individual person can use desktop publishing for the creation of greeting cards and self-publishing for personal use for example.

There is a wide variety of software available for use when you are designing using desktop publishing. Scribus, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe In Design and Coral Draw are just some of the examples of the desktop publishing software that are popular and used regularly. At Be Visible, desktop publishing in Pretoria is an art we take seriously. Using the most up to date software, our graphic designers in Pretoria are able to provide clients with logos, business cards and other desktop publishing products that are made to stand out from the rest.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing comes with many advantages but there are three that stand out as the main benefits you will have when using desktop publishing.

  1. You will have full control over the layout of the publication. This means unique layouts can be created and this will aid you in making your desktop publication attention grabbing.
  2. With most desktop publishing software, especially Microsoft Publisher, there are usually many different templates available to create your layout. As there are so many templates available, you can use the programme even if you are a novice. Using a template could also remove the uniqueness of your desktop publishing which is why most graphic designers design something from scratch.
  3. You can avoid wasting space because most desktop publishing software makes use of frames. Why is this an advantage? Well by using frames you are given control over where you want to place the text as well as how much space you want to give to the text. This means that space won’t be wasted just because you don’t have something big or small enough to place in it.

With desktop publishing a graphic designer has full control over what the layout of whatever it is that they are creating, and they will have full control over how the final product will be presented. At Be Visible our graphic designers in Pretoria work closely together with the client to produce a final product that the client has in mind. Be Visible Pretoria’s graphic design team are able to customise your desktop publishing. Let Be Visible create a one of a kind layout for your business cards, letterheads, logos and other layout design needs.  Logos in Pretoria and desktop layout in Pretoria doesn’t get better than this.