Logo design
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A logo is often the first thing that people see when they are introduced to a company. A good logo should be simple, memorable, unique, timeless and appropriate. Being aesthetically pleasing doesn’t hurt either and less is definitely more in this case.

At Be Visible Pretoria our Graphic Design team creates logos that are:

  • More identifiable when viewed at smaller sizes such as on a business card.
  • Easier to recognize when printed at a lower quality or on rougher surfaces such as on clothing and in newspapers.
  • Require less time to retain visually and are easier to remember.

A great looking logo is useless if it doesn’t properly represent what it’s being created for. Having a logo that is not appropriate or relevant may give the wrong impression, detour potential customers and ultimately hurt sales.

Logos designed by our professional Graphic Designers in Pretoria:

  • Properly reflect the feeling or vibe of the business, either literally or figuratively.
  • Avoid use of lettering/type that misrepresents the style of the business.
  • Avoid colours that don’t embody the style of the business.

A versatile logo is one that can be easily used for an unlimited amount of applications (websites, business cards, vehicle lettering, apparel). While some logos are created for web use only, most logos are used on a variety of media.

Unique logo designs by our Pretoria powerhouse Graphic Design team:

  • Look good in smaller sizes (on business cards, etc).
  • Work well in single colour. Does the logo look good when printed in reverse colour?
  • Do not rely on colour to achieve its effect.
  • Are not overly detailed.
  • Are not too tall or too wide.

For a logo to be unique it has to be different and properly represent the business it is being created for. Simply creating an abstract or overly elaborate graphic will certainly make it unique, but is it appropriate, versatile and memorable? An effective logo will be all of these things.

A logo designed by Be Visible Pretoria Graphic Designers:

  • Avoid overused imagery and logo styles.
  • Is personalized through research of the business, working with the business and by researching its competitors.

 Timeless logo designs created by Be Visible Pretoria:

Having to frequently update a logo is bad for any business trying to establish a recognizable brand or identity. The greatest logo designs are those that stand the test of time. Coca Cola is a perfect example. The same logo concept created over 100 years ago is still being used by Coca Cola today. While it is rare that a company uses the same design for so long, it is not uncommon for large brands to stick with the same logo concept for lengthy periods of time.

At Be Visible Pretoria we design logos that avoid trends and are able to adapt to company growth. An overly specific logo will prove difficult if the business decides to branch out into new services or to offer new products and when designing logos we take this into consideration.