15 February 2016
15 February 2016,
Looking for #1 website design in Pretoria? Here is what makes good web design great
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Award winning web designers in Pretoria are just a call away should you be looking for that website that is going to give your business a massive boost. There is really no better way for your company to be seen than by having a website that leaves a lasting visual impression, that is really easy to use and that serves a purpose. We live in difficult times and standing out from the competition can make a huge difference in the success that you will get to enjoy. You can stand out when you are working with a team known for their leading website design in Pretoria.

Website design in Pretoria is more complicated than you think

Website design in Pretoria is more complicated than you think

Having a website is more than just having your company name online. There are many templates, free to use websites out there that can be used but none of them are as unique or as perfectly laid out as a custom made website. Website design in Pretoria incorporates skilled web developers and the latest design technology to create the perfect website for your company, a website that is not only an effective marketing tool and a stand out presence for your business but is also a guide to your business for your potential clients. Average websites just will not cut it these days, you need a number of things to make a website truly memorable. These are the ingredients you need:

What are the factors that make a website great?

  1. Fast loading web pages that do not lag

There are few things that will make a person navigate away from a website than having to wait for ages for a website to load. People can be impatient online and they want the information as fast as possible. A great website will have pages that load quickly. The speed with which your website loads and becomes visible is also an important factor that can have an effect on your SEO.

  1. Great content
Content contributes to the success of a website

Content contributes to the success of a website

When people are browsing a website looking for information, they want the information to be given to them quickly. While long content is good for academic research and of course for Search Engine Optimisation, if the content is too long drawn out and boring people might stop reading after a few lines. Get your message across quickly and try not to write long paragraphs. Bullet pointed information is always a favourite. The bets websites in Pretoria have content arranged by an experienced copywriter who researches the industry and then writes interesting, easy to read content for your website.


  1. Images

Making use of images of different sizes helps to emphasize your written content and people are always going to remember an image before they remember loads of text. Use images that are relevant to your text in order to highlight your text.

  1. Easy to navigate

A great website is user-friendly. This is very important for an effective, great website and users will appreciate being able to explore your website easily. Part of making your website easy to navigate and user-friendly is to ensure that any links placed on a website work. Leading website design in Pretoria ensures you have an easy to navigate website.

  1. Grammar and spelling

Nothing says unprofessional like grammar and spelling mistakes. When someone is reading your website and they come across grammar and spelling mistakes they will immediately assume that you have thoroughly checked what was written. This might be mistranslated as you being sloppy in your business and this is not the impression you want to give.

Using #1 website design in Pretoria can help your company be visible online

Using #1 website design in Pretoria can help your company be visible online

In short what makes a website in Pretoria truly great?


  • A great website is going to work for your 24/7.
  • A great website is going to expand your business beyond geographic borders.
  • A great website is more flexible than printed media and it is more cost effective.
  • A great website will improve your credibility.
  • A great website can make you money by allowing advertising on your website.


Be Visible Pretoria is known for creating award-winning web designers Pretoria. With unique designs and unique content, websites in Pretoria, designed by our web developers, will provide your company with a tool that will help your business to grow.