28 November 2014
28 November 2014,
Why do I need a SEO strategy for my website?
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Why does no one visit my website?

Consider this: You have a professionally designed website that looks great and is hosted on the internet. Then you come to the realization that no one has visited your site because the hit counter shows zero hits. You wonder why this is, because you have some great content on there and surely it should interest many people? The answer is simple – No one knows about you! You wonder what to do next to make people aware of your existence on the net?  The best solution will be to promote your website via the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

Achieve a good ranking on Google

Achieve a good ranking on Google

It is a fact that the majority of traffic to a website happens via search engines. Out of all the channels through which you can market your website, search engines remain the number one choice to market all kinds of businesses. Why? – Because they provide targeted traffic free! This is the purpose of a search engine and the all important reason why you should think SEO strategy.  Never underestimate the role that search engines play in making and breaking the success of a website.

If you have to get many visitors to your site every day, free traffic generation is the way to go. If you go wrong with your search engine marketing efforts, you will only end up with one of two of the following results: 1) your site will enjoy high rankings in the search engines, but this can be short lived when you get penalized by a Google algorithm update and lose all the free traffic or 2) if you don’t achieve a ranking in search engines at all.

The Right SEO techniques applied to your website from the start

can save you a lot of money

in the long run

Google Accredited SEO company

Google Accredited SEO company

If you want to avoid search engine optimization mishaps, proper SEO techniques and practices applied to your website by a SEO specialist is the way forward.

SEO specialists at WikiSEO assist clients with proper keyword planning, applying proper seo techniques to your website so that you can avoid Google penalties and maintain your website’s seo so that you can continue to enjoy a good ranking and be competitive in the market.

A very important part of Search Engine Optimization is the process of building backlinks to your web pages – another metric that search engines apply to determine how popular and relevant your site is. To do this properly you need the help of a SEO company who has a team of backlink builders who can do that for you.

You are obviously in the business that you are because you want to make money and to make money online people have to believe in the products/services that you offer and to do that you want to get your services/products in front of as many people as you can.  With a proper SEO strategy from a professional SEO company you can surely achieve this.

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