30 January 2015
30 January 2015,
All about Pinterest
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Over the last four years Pinterest has become one of the most popular image sharing social media platforms available online. Be Visible Pretoria is one of the fastest growing social media agencies in Pretoria. As a social media firm in Pretoria, Be Visible is able to help a number of clients build a strong online presence through social media.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is the brain child of three people. In December 2009 Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp thought up the idea for Pinterest. By March 2010, they had introduced the social media platform to a close network of friends and family in order to give it a test run. The concept proved to be very popular and soon Pinterest was introduced to the world. Pinterest is a place to share ideas and images. Unlike most of the other online social media, Pinterest communicates using images instead of text. There is very little place to write, most times only a description is used.

How Pinterest works?

Pinterest makes use of terms such as boards and pins. Imagine you have a notice board on which you place notes, papers and pictures using metal pins. Now Pinterest uses this concept but instead of a notice board and metal pins you are using an online platform.

Users create boards and the boards can be shared. These boards can be created according to interests and ideas that people have and that people would like to share. When browsing Pinterest, a user will come across images and ideas that they like and they are given the option to pin the images and ideas onto a virtual online board. This form of social media is very simple to use and it allows a user to explore different ideas and topics. When opening an image a user will occasionally be able to visit the website from which the image was taken. So if, for example, you are an avid dress maker and you are looking for patterns, once you have found a pattern that you like you will be able to follow the website address and either download the pattern for free or buy the pattern.

Pinterest is a very easy tool to use and it is a great platform for businesses. Although Pinterest is not created for advertising, as a business you will be able to share images of your products, give a short description of the products and put in a website address along with your product so that a Pinterest user who likes what they see will be able to get into contact with you.

At Be Visible Pretoria we are more than a web design and graphic design company in Pretoria. We are also a social media agency in Pretoria. Managing an online social media presence is time consuming so why not hand over this task to a team of social media experts who know who to make you visible in the social media world.