14 August 2015
14 August 2015,
Social Media Management in Pretoria
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10 Tools to assist with Social Media Management in Pretoria

One might wonder, with all the different types of social media advertising methods available lately, how you can manage all your profiles to their optimal utilisation. With this in mind, it is almost unavoidable to use some form of assistance in your daily advertising and keeping all the correspondence up to date. This can be a painstaking job unless you use some of the following tools.

  1. Be Visible Creative Studio:

Social Media Management in PretoriaThis company specialises in website and graphic design, and Social Media Management in Pretoria; they create various social media platforms for you and update them on a daily basis to connect to potential followers, making sure your company has the very best exposure on every social media site available. This means that you get all the exposure and they do all the work; no more worrying about updating your platforms or your website.

Their services include:

– Designing your website to make sure that it is fully optimised and mobile friendly.

– Ensuring that all your current contact details are available on your social media profiles.

– Creating customised Facebook and Google+ pages that incorporate your logo and links to your website and blog.

– Maintaining your website’s blog with shareable content that directs online traffic to your website.

Be Visible also started the globally renowned company, Wiki SEO. They are highly experienced in search engine optimisation and will ensure your website operates to its full potential anywhere in the world. Suffice to say, Be Visible is more than capable to offer social media management in Pretoria that will take your company to the next level.

  1. HootSuite:

Social Media ManagementIf you want to implement a campaign across more than one social network from just one web-based dashboard, HootSuite is the way to go! It is one of the most used social media managing tools available. You can manage your social media accounts, measure campaign results and track conversations. Not only can you do all of the above, you can schedule posts on all platforms and it offers you a custom-built analytical system that’ll assist you online. This is ideal for large organisations, small businesses, and even the everyday individual.

  1. Socialoomph:

Social Media ManagementThis is another fine tool that can actually schedule your tweets for an entire day, as well as auto follows your new followers in order for you to carry on with your own business. This dashboard is capable of combining Facebook, Linkedin, Plurk, and Twitter together with your blog to monitor your social media activity or scheduling posts. With Socialoomph, you can find quality people to follow with ease. This can save you a lot of time and effort when attempting social media management in Pretoria.

  1. Tweepi:

Social Media ManagementHave you ever felt completely overwhelmed by Twitter and the masses that follow on it every day? Tweepi is the tool for you… It enables you to flush unfollowers, reciprocate your followers by following them, cleanup inactives and also follow new interesting tweets out there. It can be ruthless, but it’s an easy way to automatically manage your Twitter account while you’re busy driving through traffic during rush hour in big cities like Pretoria.

  1. Spredfast:

Social Media ManagementA very handy tool if you want to know whether the optimum amount of people is engaging with you or your businesses’ social media accounts, or if you want to see how many people you’ve reached. It is a rather convenient to have if you need to measure this kind of data on Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter. It’ll be presented in easily-read graphs and provides you with a calendar that will let you know exactly when the optimum tweeting times are.

  1. Buffer:

Social Media ManagementIf you desire an application that’ll allow you to schedule and share your social media messages perfectly, you should download Buffer. With this magic little tool, you can stagger all your content over a set time span so that you can schedule posts and share content on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for consistent updates. Not only that, but you’ll be provided with analytics about your posts, like how far they have spread and what sort of interaction they get. That’s mighty handy for all social media management in Pretoria, where life moves at warp speed and you can’t always keep up.

  1. Sprout Social:

Social Media ManagementFor a more in-depth analysis of your social media accounts, you should consider using Sprout Social. Not only does it give you the ability to monitor your messages across Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook through one streaming box, you can reply to messages on Titter and Facebook as well. You can also schedule posts like most of these social media managing tools and search for content within the Feedly integration. As an added bonus, it gives you analytics in order for you to see important metrics. Yes, you can do all of this with one awesome application.

  1. Everypost:

Social Media ManagementNow this is something everyone with more than two social media accounts need… If you want to simultaneously upload messages, pictures and videos to all your major social media networks, simply download this tool. You can easily post multimedia content across multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr or e-mail, and all this at the same time… If you’re planning to go out for the night and want all your friends to know where to meet up with you in Pretoria, simply use Everypost to let everyone know where you are going. It also has a feature that automatically shortens Twitter texts to fewer than 140 characters. The best part about this application is that it is free, yes, I said it, it’s totally free!

  1. Bitly:

Social Media ManagementAnother free app that is handy to have and also works across more than one platform like Facebook and Twitter is Bitly, it shortens all the links that people send to your social media accounts which leave it nice and tidy. It also gives you the ability to track clicks, to bookmark your favourite pages and sites, as well as giving you real-time analytics. Handy indeed – especially for effective social media management in Pretoria.

  1. SocialFlow:

Social Media ManagementUpdating your social media accounts can be crucial to the advertisement of your business, just like sharing content on your online marketing campaign is of utmost importance. SocialFlow is a great application that can ensure that your social media content is updated at the most beneficial time. It uses a one of a kind optimization algorithm that connects to your Twitter and Facebook statistics and then takes three things into account: which of your messages are more relevant and most likely to connect, exactly who is online and if they are the right audience and last but not least, the optimum time to publish the content.

Social Media Management in Pretoria and even Johannesburg, Cape Town or Nelspruit can be a daunting task, but with a little help from the above applications and the effective website management from the Be Visible company, you can manage your social media accounts and grow your business at the same time.

Source: http://www.jelliweb.co.za/