5 December 2014
5 December 2014,
The Social Media network: The types of social media every business should be using
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It has to be admitted that while there are lots of social media platforms out there, not all of the platforms are appropriate for all businesses and not all social media platforms will work for all businesses. But the only way you will ever find out which social media platforms are going to work for you is by doing your research and by trying out the different social media. At Be Visible our social media management team are experts in the different varieties of social media and they are able to advise you on what social media will suit you and create accounts and manage those platforms that will work for your company. Be Visible Pretoria offers customised social media packages to make your life easier. Be Visible Pretoria’s Social Media Management is made up of the best in the business.

Your business needs to be present on social media. Most social media is simple to use but takes lots of time and effort to keep up to date and in order for it to be effective it needs to be kept up to date. And this is exactly where having Be Visible Pretoria take over your social media management comes in handy. Be Visible Pretoria can be your online social media marketing provider.

Different types of Social media platforms

The different types of social media your company should look at

When looking at all of the social media available on the internet you’ll soon realise that it is impossible to have and manage an account on each of the platforms. So what which platforms should you use? The big names should spring to mind: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube and blogging sites such as WordPress.


Almost every company has a Facebook page these days. A good marketing strategy which includes a Facebook page will be one that encourages its clients and potential clients to visit and “like” the page. Marketing your Facebook page can be done via your website, your email signature and newsletter. You can also let people know that you have a Facebook page simply by mentioning it on a paper flyer. People use Facebook as a search engine and it is important for you to have a page with your company’s correct name, making it easier for people to find you. Be Visible Pretoria’s Social Media Management team are experts at getting your Facebook page noticed.


Not all companies have a Twitter page but this platform is becoming a popular way to market your company. Only allowing you to use 140 characters, using Twitter you can share what you have posted on your website, such as monthly specials, as well as share things from your other social media. Using Twitter is also a fantastic way in which to follow your peers and influencers and gain knowledge. Keep in mind that social media for companies is not just about marketing.

Google Plus (+)

Like Facebook, Google Plus aims to get you into contact with your clients and to market your business online. Google Plus had an unsure start but it has soared to the top and is now major competition to the other major social media networks. Google Plus also has a characteristic that makes it stand out from its closest rival, Facebook, and that is that Google Plus is a favourite partner for search engine optimisation. The Be Visible Pretoria SEO team can use your social media to optimise your online presence.


If you value your skills and you want to share what it is that your business does amongst a community of professionals, then LinkedIn is the place to do it. LinkedIn will allow you to get the latest industry news and it will allow you to gain knowledge from your peers.

As it has been mentioned, you cannot have an account on all social media but it is important to have an account on each of the most popular social media platforms as this will keep your company’s name reserved and prevent it from being used by someone else. At Be Visible Pretoria social media management experts are waiting to help you make your mark in social media.