9 June 2015

7 Reasons to Remove Facebook from Your SmartPhone

9 June 2015,

To all the Facebook F.O.M.O’s out there, guess what – you’re missing out on life because your nose is stuck in your phone. I’m […]

5 December 2014

The Social Media network: The types of social media every business should be using

5 December 2014,

It has to be admitted that while there are lots of social media platforms out there, not all of the platforms are appropriate for […]

18 November 2014

Facebook is a must have for every company

18 November 2014,

Be Visible Pretoria is a social media firm; we are social media experts and we know how to get the best use out of […]

6 November 2014

Mistakes businesses makes on Facebook

6 November 2014,

For the everyday Facebook user you stroll through your news feed, you like friends and family’s posts and even share a video or two. […]