1 December 2014
1 December 2014,
Are you thinking about wrapping your company car? Here is what you should know
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Wrapping your company car can be a major decision and you might have doubts over whether the advertising will work. Choosing to wrap your company car or your fleet of cars might be even more daunting because a wrap gone wrong is a scary thought. You want your wrap to represent you and your company. A badly designed wrap will give a bad impression. A beautifully wrapped car with a unique design will give your potential clientele a good first impression, and you already know the wonders that a good first impression can do.

Be Visible Pretoria can create stunning designs that are bound to get you noticed and increase your business. Our Pretoria based graphic designers are skilled and experienced.

Vehicle Wrapping designing in Pretoria

What is wrap/vehicle advertising?

This is when you cover your car in advertising for a company or product. It turns a car into a moving billboard advertisement and as it is covered in sheets of vinyl, which is easy to remove, the advertising can be changed as often as needed. So, for example, if you are advertising the launch of a new product, you will be able to take the old wrap off of your car and place a new advertising wrap onto it. You will be able to do this every time you have a new product launched or on promotion. It is easy to wrap a car even though they have curved surfaces.

Be Visible Pretoria’s graphic designers are able to create a design that will suit your car. In Pretoria, wrapping your car in an eye catching design will make your company car stand out amongst the thousands of cars in the city.


What are the benefits of wrapping a car?Wrapping designs for Business Cars

–        Increase your visibility: this is possibly the biggest aim when wrapping a car. Research has shown that depending on where you live, your wrapped car can get up to 70 000 view per day! Now imagine having a wrapped car in a city like Pretoria. Let Be Visible increase your business’ exposure by giving your car a unique design for your car wrap in Pretoria.

–        It is cost effective: Unlike billboards and other advertising there are no recurring costs.

–        Exclusive advertising: You can choose what type of advertising you want to place onto your car. So if you just want to advertise your company, you can use your whole car to do so.

–        Reach a wider audience: You will be able to reach an audience where ever you are driving.

–        Increase in local advertising: You will most likely drive your wrapped vehicle mostly around the local areas where your company is based and this means you will reach new
clients within your local area.

–        Protect your car: it has been proven that vinyl wraps protect the paint on a car. The vinyl wrap is strong enough to protect your car from scratches. In some cases a car that has
been unwrapped has paint work that is in a better condition than most cars.

Graphic designers in Pretoria at the Be Visible Creative Studio can create a unique wrap suitable for your car with a design that is suitable for your company.