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App Developers South Africa

With 25% of online retails bound for smartphones and tablets in 2017 mobile apps are undoubtedly the future of commerce.

APP Development South Africa

Apps can be used as a direct way to communicate with existing or future customers and at the same time promote the marketing of your business or brand and increase sales. Passionate and creative, we love to use our experience to develop an app that helps to achieve your project’s objectives.

Our app development team in Pretoria is dedicated to the professional management of your project while providing you with continuous feedback.

At Be Visible Pretoria, the skill and knowledge of our app development team culminates into concepts and solutions for various kinds of businesses and industries including Finance, Marketing, Transport and more.

The benefits of developing a mobile app with Be Visible Pretoria:

  1. Increases leads and revenue
  2. Increases awareness of your company and brand
  3. Increases promotion and sharing
  4. Increases loyalty of your customers

Most companies are not exactly clear on what their mobile app strategy should be or how they can develop it for success.

App Facts

The online landscape has been shifted drastically thanks to mobile devices. In 2010, 50% of the total internet access took place via handheld devices. An estimated 45% of mobile owners use their devices to download social networking apps. In fact, 35% of Android and iPhone owners use apps such as Facebook before getting out of bed in the morning, according to a recent survey conducted by telecommunications equipment vendor Ericsson.

The online world is moving towards apps as the future of internet connection.

Apps as a Promotional Tool

While a Website is a vital tool for you to promote your products and services, and it acts as a one-stop shop for your users, the number of mobile internet users is ever-increasing. Most of these mobile users also access the internet on their smartphones and other mobile devices. Today, everything including commerce, trading and payment is handled on mobile devices. That being the case, mobile apps are undoubtedly the future of computing and getting in on the action by developing and promoting a mobile app for your customers, both current and potential, will be beneficial to the growth of your business.

A vital component of your app’s success is a design that is not only functional, but that is also eye-catching, user-friendly and works correctly. What the user thinks and feels when using the application is very important in determining the success of the app. When using the app, you want users to enjoy the experience and wish that they could do more through the app instead of thinking “I am glad I finally got through that task” after they use the app. Our app design and development team in Pretoria are experts in addressing issues of frustration that can arise from the size, shape and functionality of mobile devices and eliminate them by developing apps that do not force your customers to have to install new software in order to interact with it successfully.

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The App Development team at Be Visible Pretoria develop apps that are:

  • Stable and reliable
  • Consistent with the platform
  • Load fast
  • Have no UI hang-ups
  • Consider the user as a valuable consumer
  • Provides worthy functionality

The aim of a mobile app strategy should be to create an environment that makes it simple for users to get involved with your business and encourages them to buy your products. We are dedicated to creating an environment that provides you and your customers with exactly what you need for a great app.

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Top 10 reasons why you should have a mobile app:

1. Your brand is delivered directly into the pockets of your clients

By now you already know that you should create an app to promote your brand. Once downloaded, a branded app provides the opportunity for your brand to be introduced directly to the customer’s smartphone and travel with the customer wherever they go.

2. The value of your Brand increases with an app

Promoting your brand with an app provides your company with the valuable image of an
innovative company that keeps up with technological development and makes use of it to enter
into a growing market.

3. An app creates an exclusive relationship with customers

For a successful user experience, it is very important to create a connection with users. Creativity
has no limits when it comes to creating apps that provide users with a positive experience by
participating in posting photos, articles and videos, which in turn makes them feel part of the

4. To manage the content of your website between Twitter, a Facebook page, a Blog, Instagram and other social media is time-consuming to brand owners and their followers

With an App all the “scattered” content is collected and provided to the user in one “case”. This means a far better user experience in terms of greater speed and availability of content. A better user experience in turn leads to the promotion of your brand.

5. Visibility

Your brand will be visible every day on the users phones and on the stores.

6. Completeness

In the technologically advanced age that we live in, where customers find a brand by searching
for it on an App store or Google play, a missing app relates into a lack of contact and an image of
incompleteness. For an image of completeness and proper communication of your brand, an
app is indispensable.

7. The effectiveness of Push Notification

With website communication, it is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate the message
of your brand effectively to a targeted audience. An app allows you to use the push notification,
making it a much more effective and economical media to use to get the message across.

8. An app lets you retain customers

People that make use of communication media such as websites, radio, blogs, web TV, and more,
want to be kept informed and up to date with the latest news of interest. An app is the perfect way
to provide them with real-time news, events, videos, images, podcasts, etc. By offering
unique and special contents, you can create an exclusive and loyal relationship between the
brand and the customer.

9. Take advantage of the viral effect

The users of the app are the best promoters for your brand. Users can be given the task of
making your contents go viral, because an app does not only facilitate the navigation, but also
the sharing of content.

10. Don’t underestimate the value of promotions

Take advantage of the statistics of your app by launching promotions on mobile devices
aimed at a specific target audience.

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