24 September 2014

Designing and developing a 24hour representative – Website Design

24 September 2014,

When starting up a business there are a few items that is usually brought into play such as, searching for a suitable location, registering […]

23 September 2014

10 Reasons to get your blog on

23 September 2014,

10 Reasons to get your Blog on 1. 55% of businesses who actively blogs see more visitors to their websites. 2. An extra 3 […]

22 September 2014

What a website means for your business

22 September 2014,

What a website means for your business In today’s online world everything has made its way to the internet. Whether it’s a small business […]

18 September 2014

Website Templates that Convert

18 September 2014,

The Ultimate Web Design Secret Revealed. Our philosophy at Bevisible has always been to attract quality visitors to your website and in turn convert […]

28 May 2014

5 Shocking Things “Facebook Terms of Use” doesn’t want you to know.

28 May 2014,

Did you know that when you update or download the Facebook app, you are giving Facebook the following scary rights? Access to your microphone (Yes […]